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I’m in the chicken

It’s on the chicken table

He’s running on Christ’s fumes.

She was over the board on that one

Those big cups over there are BIG CUPS

We need a four bedroom condom at the beach

So much energy at his age, he is running on Jesus fumes!

Every rainbow has a silver lining!

Do you have to pee number one or pee number two?

I scream when I step into the cold shower, and then I wet myself.

Shake hand like a man…MAN!

I cooked beans in the crack pot

We all shared my communion hot dog

That truck has a savage title.

I love oysters on the half-shelf

That really rubbed me off.

The Near Is End!

This is art. Do not question the art.

Be sure to read the fine line…

If it comes to shove…

Oh well, back on the Shopping Block!

He’s one in a dozen!

It’s on the out of the skirts of town.

(Eating a tongue taco) Mmmm this tongue has a bite to it

I think I pulled my rotators cup

3 in a roll for the state of Alabama!!

Don’t forget to flush your teeth.

You can do it, we’re rootin’ on ya!

She’s as tough as a cookie!

I’m gonna call him “bluff”

I’m getting old, getting close to the”P” word… meno-Pause

… and that’s my two cents opinion!

Let’s go, get your butt together!

Sometimes you just gotta stop and smell the beer!

You felt for it!

He was chompin all over the bits!

That was wasteless spending

That restaurant is a hole in the place.

Yeah, everyone needs an Asian clown in their corner.

Did you know that only 1 out of something baby turtle survive?

Culture Sock !

One for all and two for one! **

Absolutely no ifs buts and ifs buts about it!

You don’t need a jacket, it’s eighty something miles-degrees.

Cooking a whole pig, PETA would have a cow!

We feel incredibly bless to be living here in the U.S.

I’m part French, Chinese and Vietnamese, kind of a  Worcestershire 57.

She beat a tar out of him!

It’s always nice when you expect the worst but come out on the other end. (Thuy Duong)

That place is open 365 days a WEEK!

Only a 90 minute drive? That would take me an hour and a half!

Better late than sorry!

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up, I need something Pink!

Don’t want to have all of your eggs in a row…..

The runner gained 5 pounds…rounds… I mean yards!

Holding… 10 Year Penalty!

What time is Alabama playing and when?

He is just a bucket of monkey!

Been a long time since I had a good team to root on.

One of my nose is stopped up.

You are such a handy dandy man around the house.

That mustache makes him look like Groucho Max.

Well you’ll just have to chuck this up to experience something learned.

Remember kids, you are never too old to be a mother.

We saw the tall-tale signs!

It’s a working progress!

I get those butt dial all the times.

That scare a poop out of me!

She passed the IQ test.

Who did you vote for in the last erection?

You kids are what happened to my brain cell.

Founder Keeper!

Gotta Nip It in the Button!

Well he can just shut the h*ll his mouth up!

The grass is always greener on someone else.

He’s all in a tit-zy!

What’s that Timmy? Lassie’s stuck in the well?

That sandwich is just dripping with clogged arteries.

I had needle soup for lunch. *

You need to find the end of rainbow in every situation.

You little-spoiled-rotten-slap-you-silly thing!

Well, I just hope he can sleep with himself at night!

That football player runs like he’s on hemorrhoids.

I just don’t know what he was not thinking.

He was fire under pressure.

Obama was cool, calm, and collective.

If I cut it, they will come.

She didn’t want to break face.

Your dog needs to be eaten….er, uh, I mean fed.

Something under the neath of the car

I read your mouth.

Stick to the bone good.

We need to run the car through the dishwasher.

its going to be like this all day this week,  all week this day…it’s nice weather

You can buy that at the dollar store, FOR A DOLLAR!

most people can’t even phantom that

Who cut the butter?

He was scared in his pants.

Whatever floats your gravy!

Listening to rap music will make you steroid

They got high by eating grassy brownies

She is an Early Riser…when she gets up early….

Open Foot…Insert Mouth

He is like a dead fish out of water.

I like the Christmas music of Mannheim Steamship.

Oh, that’s suck!

I’m in a walkative mood.

What you are, are what you eat.

She’s just playing hard to catch.


It looks easier than it seems.

We need to run the car thru the dishwasher.

Things wouldn’t be the same if the foot was on the other side.

Choosers can’t be beggars.

We are all in the same shoe now.

That house has a lot of squareage.

He has a bad heart so they gave him a Peacemaker.

Stop Lolly The Gagging around.

C’mon, Snap ON of it.

The bathroom scales are out of scalter.

They went out of town on a wimp.

Clean those crooks and crannies.

He is so anus about everything.

I heard she sleeps in the bluff.

Man that water is really…wet!

She was the sacrificial goat.

When a woman beats a guy in tennis it steals his manly.

Ignorance is sometimes blister

Just shoot and get me over with. (spoken on her 36th birthday)

He is stinkler for the rules

Those guys were speaking ebola.

Do you want some fruity loops?

He cries at the drop of a bucket.

We are teethering on the edge.

Will he throw his towel in the ring and run for President?.

There are little nips in the air this morning.

I got crammed up.


The ball hit a clay.

There are little chillies in the air.

We are walking on the wild goose trail.

Don’t give me that Mumbo Lawyer Jumbo talk.

Give them an inch and they’ll take a foot.

He was once just a baby in my wound.

I thought I would try it once just to get my hands wet

I overran myself

I just wanted to fold the towel and give up

Did you turn in you shareholder epoxy vote card?

It’s boned dry in Athens, Alabama.

I called to give them a heads off.

She will beat him like a pulp.

Are you related to your mother?

What comes around will get around.

I want to run on the windmill.

If nothing else, that would be a morality booster.

They are gonna beat us out of our pants

I sound like a broken recorder

I am really poop.

Sorry, I misoverheard you.

I was so thirsty last night I got up 3 times to use the bathroom.

He always know how to push my sensitive hot button.

That really bothers me, I can’t shake it off the top of my head.

This nation is going to the pigs.

She ran that place like the back of her hand.

Would you like some oblong tea?

Do you think we are falling off the wagon?

We are gonna get slobbered.

That shirt came from Old Navy Blue.

Marriage isn’t all it’s shacked up to be.

Anything too good to be true is probably not.

I’d rather be a stick than a wheel barrow.

He got huffy and tuffy about it.

He will slam the book on them.

She was arrested at the border for drug snuggling.

Liar Liar, Fire in your pants!

He was a cold as a turkey.

If your hand is broken the doctor will put it in a slingshot.

You’re being a sore thumb.

That place is a real dump in the wall.

Rips Off! ( Yelled at a toll booth in New Hampshire)

You’re not the man I thought you are.

My stocks are below the hole.

This is where I drop the line.

It’s so real that it looks fake.

I hate talking about life insurance; I just can’t imagine not living without you.


The men should help with the dishes, after all this is the 80’s! (24-JAN-99)

I tried figuring it out, but ran into a brick road.

At least we didn’t lose our pants on that deal.

She does have good grammer, and so is all her daughters.

My grandfather was a saint, that’s why he had so many mistresses.

Have you seen the play “Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof”?

I was gleaming with pride.

I didn’t have to twist your finger

The shit is really gonna hit the ceiling now.

It’s like sitting on eggshells.

He hurt his funny elbow.

He is not very big for his size.

Did you just take a teaspoonful of goofy?

Do you have the right handcuffs for that tuxedo?

Those Washington Beaurocraps!

That car sure is a melon!


Howdy Fartner!

Do you know anyone with a condom at the beach? (Condo)

You are my White in Shining Armor.

I can cook pancakes just like Aunt-ja-mama.

Just feed those cats some table craps.

You look good in white, but white doesn’t look good on you.

I’ll be waiting with balls on.

I’m feeling six feet under the weather.

She has a diseating order.

No more babies for her, she got her test tubes tied.

My how time flies, it seems like only yesterday that it was Monday. Oh wait,  it’s Tuesday!

Friday the 13th!, well I’m not suspicious.

You are an early worm this morning.

They really took him to the bank on that one.

They had a real drag down and knock up fight.

What I don’t see is what I don’t do.

You are just as worse!

I will avoid that like the plack.

I’m getting on my nerves.

That would cost a hand and a foot.

It bungles the brain

You little stinkler!

Now that looks spic and spanky!

Like two pods in a pea!

Morning is not my day.

Spiders give me the Creepy Jeebies!

Heck Not!


Oh yeah, and the earth is square!

You’re wearing me up!

Don’t slap the hand that feeds you.

Wow, that hurt worse that child labor.

It’s on the tip of my brain.

My memory is getting so bad. Last week I forgot something important…. I don’t remember what is was.

(Seeing a CAT’S MUSIC store) Cat Music! That’s ridiculous! Who would buy music for their cat?!

I want to pick a bone with you!

If the kids act up we’ll just lick their little butts!

Have you seen the play “A Street Named Boxcar”?

You snored like a whale.

You’re one of a million!

I believed you for a fleet of moments.

I think I see the light at the end of the zone.


Baloney Bullcraps!!!

I’m in the chicken. ( kitchen)

What am I, pork liver?

That book was so good, it had me on the edge of my feet.

You’re acting like Butthead and Beaver.

I feel so bad, if I was a horse I’d shoot myself.

Head em up and load em out.

You’re walking on thin water now buster!

If you do that for me, I’ll kiss the feet you walk on.

I’ve been living in the wood. ( as opposed to coming out of the woodwork)

(while driving) You should’ve horned him.

You’ve got the world by the oyster!

Oh, that’s a bunch of crock!

I don’t want to make the wrong mistake.


Loan-isms- Words of wisdom from Thanh’s sister Loan Mcallister!

That is my 2 cents opinion.

We gotta get our door in the foot.

You’ve got to whip the crack!

It’s as clear as Christmas.

I’m up to my wall in work.

Solution solved!

What time is New Years?  (  31-DEC-01)

I’m gonna make some blue muffins for breakfast.

We can kill a bird with two stones.

I’ll be burning the midnight oil at both ends.

Jim, you are such a country pumpkin!

Money makes the world round.

It starts with “G”, as in “D-O-G”.

I’m serving porn for Christmas. (meant to say pork loin)

Now even more at the Loanisms Site!


FAQ (Frequently asked questions):

What are Thanhisms?
Thanhism’s are spoonerisms for my lovely wife Thanh. Yogi Berra has nothing on her!
How did this start?
It started as a list I emailed to friends in 1994. There are hundreds of great Thanhisms I forgot to write down
Does Thanh know about this page?
Yes, she is amazingly good natured about it. I can’t imagine how bad I would be surviving with another language. And English has some odd sayings and rules. Thanh has a way of goofing them up in the funniest ways.
How do you pronounce ‘Thanh’?
John with a T is close enough.
Do you get in trouble for this page?

* By Thanh’s sister Duyen Trieu

**By our nephew Levi Boyer



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